Thursday, 8 January 2009

Youngmi Chun

Title: 2nd floor
Work Type: installation
Date of work: 2005
Materials: medium: cement, sand, carpet
Measurements: area: 5
Style Period: contemporary art
Subject: interior architecture, floor
Technique: sculpture

the space where I was showing my work had terrible floor paint that I was not allowed to remove. I therefore decided to make my own floor for my pieces and named it “2’nd floor”.’

Entering a site with the intent to exhibit existing pre-created work, then adapting your ideas to better suit your exhibition-al circumstances is a strong skill to possess when thinking about how to get the best from the site you are exhibiting in. Chun is a perfect example of this, when he came to present his work he found it degraded by an inappropriate flooring, and instead of sacrificing the fundamentals of his work in order for the exhibition to proceed, he constructed a new piece, covering the previous unwanted flooring with what he was now exhibiting.

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