Thursday, 8 January 2009

Paul Noble - Nobson Newtown

Images in order of appearance: Nobson Central 2000 - Nobson Central (detail, right) - Nobson Central (detail, left) - Nobspital 1997/98 - Ye Olde Ruin 2003/04

I have recently completed my investigative study, on which i wrote about Paul Noble and his fantastical drawings of Nobson Newtown. As an admirer of fine detail, Noble is an obvious choice for investigation.
Noble uses a self fabricated font as the underlying features for his drawings, the hidden letters spelling out substantial influential arcane quotes of respected poetic linguists. is there anyway i could incorporate either my own realized typeface or an existing one, to enhance the foundations of my drawings? could my work be a written piece, transformed or interweaved into my drawing?

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