Thursday, 8 January 2009

Cildo Meireles

Images in order of appearance: Through 1983/89 - Installation view of room 1 - Installation view of room 2 - Mission/Missions (How to Build Cathedrals) 1987 - Glovetrotter 1991 - Fontes 1992/2008 (two views) - Babel 2001 - Volatile 1980/94

'My work aspires to a condition of density, great simplicity, directness, openness of language and interaction.'
Cildo Meireles

This exhibition was very involving, why? The process of interaction the artist creates for the viewer to engage with is a key point. is interactive work most successful in contemporary art? think about the level of engagement i want to create between the viewer and the piece when constructing my constructions.

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