Monday, 9 February 2009

Chili Moon Town

Title - Chili Moon Town
Artist's - Anna Galtarossa and Daniel Gonzalez
Location - Chapultepec Park, Mexico City
Date - April 2007
Materials - 10-ton steel structure, printed and decorated vinyl, 90 plastic barrels.
Size - approximately 26 x 26 ft base - 29 ft height

Chili Moon Town is a utopian floating city of dreams that knows no boundaries. It is born as a free city without frontiers. It doesn’t make its inhabitants migrate but it migrates itself. It is a metropolis with futuristic hand made skyscrapers. Chili Moon Town Tour is an archetype of the fable without a moral, like a child’s tree house: a magical hideout for private experiences.

My work doesn't have to be a castle to display fantastical concepts. experiment with other den-like structures?

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