Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Midnight Tower

This is a piece i built on a construction site found in winton on Alma road. Once again my guerilla mind set of creating work urged me to locate an alternate site to work in. Whilst searching i came across this freshly placed site, its materials all unpackaged waiting to be used. The dominant resource present were piles of both dense-form concrete blocks and standard breeze blocks. Setting myself the task of constructing a tower to rise above the surrounding wall, both making it visible to spectators on the pedestrians side of the wall, and introducing a dominant structure within the building site, i set out a floor plan with breeze blocks to visualize my ideas and experiment with measurements. After selecting the appropriate size and specific siting of the piece, i removed the light-weight breeze blocks and began construction with the heavier concrete blocks. Working without rest, only to conceal myself from the passing patrolmen of the site, which luckily for me only passed every twenty minuets exactly, so there movements were easily tracked. Fortunately they passed my mid constructed piece multiple times without suspecting anything amiss. After around three hours of fast construction and scheduled concealment times, the tower was complete. I quickly documented the piece and left the building site unnoticed, the tower remaining a monument for the builders the following day to ponder over. I plan to possibly construct another sculpture in this location as the amount of available materials applicable to my practice was abundant on this site.

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